#4 - Let's distribute $$$ + Join the club

Link to PopSchools grant application inside

I’m sitting on some money, not a lot but some, that is there specifically to be distributed as grants to the PopSchools community. In the last few emails, I mentioned that you can apply by sending an email to grants@popschools.org. To the people who responded and sent emails, I have you and I will be adding you to the list myself. Everyone else, if you are in need of financial assistance please use this form to get on the list

Add me to the list

In other news, #100DaysOfJobSearch is off to a great start. Personally, I’ve made some new connections to developers in the community and I’ve picked up some useful information and tips. I’m slightly ashamed that I haven’t actually kept up with the daily prompts myself. I’ve been trying to keep on top of building it as we go. There wasn’t a whole lot of planning going into this challenge.

Thankfully, the other participants have been willing to support and contribute to the challenge. Two of the first week's daily prompts were contributed by Haja! It’s at the top of my list to write out some guidelines to make it easier for others to contribute.

Last thing, join the PopSchools community

I started a free community for us early- and pre-career techies. So far it isn’t very populated or active but I am there posting jobs and conversation topics. There are categories now for #100DaysOfJobSearch, parents in tech, Black women in tech, jobs, and tech help.

I don’t want to stop there with my areas of interest. My hope is we will have people join and we can create space to honor different perspectives and tech disciplines. For example, infosec is not my lane nor interest but I would love to host a group and forum category focused on it.

Join at https://popschools.club

That’s all for now,

Nikema ❤️