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This newsletter was created less than a week ago but PopSchools has been around since 2017. Recently, I decided that PopSchools needed a refresh to get back to center. We are basically starting from scratch with new branding and a clearer focus.

What is the focus?

PopSchools exists today to create an inclusive community for pre-career and early-career software developers, provide opportunities for networking, and make pathways to paying work in tech roles.

In addition to the newsletter you’re reading, we have a group chat on GroupMe, an open collective profile, a GitHub organization, and a website in progress at

Grant Opportunities

A good part of my focus as the founder of PopSchools is providing people with financial assistance so that they can pursue the training needed to start a career as a software engineer.

If you would like to get on the grant recipient list, please send an email to and include your name and a link to your GitHub account, LinkedIn profile, or Twitter profile.

Starting today, I will be accepting donations to fund the sponsorship pool just for the PopSchools community on this list. A portion of any revenue PopSchools, Inc. makes will also go into the pool.

See you next week 👋🏾

The plan is to make a weekly newsletter update. Future issues should have more links out to job listings, interesting articles, and other opportunities that the community can benefit from.

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